COVID 19… The CHINESE virus…

Please share this with everybody you know.  I composed it for my Congressmen and want to somehow get it to our President.

I believe it is time for some common sense to be used. Some research will prove that as of March 29 over 250,000 people worldwide who were tested and found to have the virus have recovered, while less than a fifth of that number have died from it. We have to realize that many more people who had mild symptoms and recovered on their own were never tested and therefore are not in these statistics.  By the way, any guesses you see about the number of these are only guesses and not to be taken seriously.  I believe my wife and I who are both over 65 may be in that statistical group after fighting off a similar sounding disease around Christmas time.  I hope that an antibody test becomes readily available so I can prove this.  (later I realized that we cannot trust the tests.  I was tested for antibodies after getting the hepatitis vaccine and even though I had been exposed to a patient who had it, the test was negative.  I don’t trust them.)

We stayed at home for Christmas, canceling a holiday with my wife’s elderly mother so we would not spread it to her and the residents of her retirement home.  Nobody needed to tell us to do what simply made sense. Yes it is serious, but compared to the seasonal flu it is no worse and may even be less dangerous. Why are we panicking? This about a lot more than a virus. It is a world wide attempt to destroy our world and that is not just a conspiracy theory. Ask yourself who stands to gain from us shutting our economy down.  War may be next.  Let’s prevent that.

It is time to stop the hysteria and get our country back on the road to recovery. We should continue the new social distancing practice that those of us with common sense have already been doing every flu season. We also need to work to protect the more susceptible such as residents of retirement homes, but to be paranoid about working and going out in public is not warranted. Ask yourself if your local USPS, UPS and FedEx drivers have died. Are the trucks running and is food getting to the stores? We are being manipulated into this panic and it has to stop.

The overwhelming response I am getting from this is positive.  To those of you who want links, find them for yourself.   I have found that truth seldom lasts nowadays on the internet, so any links I put up will most likely not work for long.  Just recently a story about heat killing viruses was taken down in only two days, yet it is true and the death rate in Finland where sauna is a way of life is extremely low, something like .0014% of confirmed cases.  Why would this be taken down?  The claim was that it could get people killed.  My theory is that it will hurt the medical and pharma industries and some will take this to mean that I am a conspiracy believer.  There are several live web sites reporting a running total of cases, deaths and recoveries, but you will NOT find the likes of our media reporting them.  Our media has mostly turned into enemies of the state.

This is a very old link that may just survive.  My chiropractor told me.  Most will not believe it, but I do from personal experience:

1918 Influenza Epidemic and Chiropractic Care