Let me just say this. If your first thought is that this blog is political, you are not thinking. This is an attempt to get to the truth, just like I did with solar power. The CDC statistics for the total number of deaths in 2020 are available and comparisons to previous years show no % increase. There was no pandemic. What really happened is that the WHO and CDC redefined what a pandemic is and then labeled every death as COVID “related”. Then they redefined what a “case” is. It used to be somebody who has symptoms. Suddenly it became a person that they could generate a false positive test on with tests that show positive for any virus, not just COVID 19 and even if the person is well. I personally know people who had positive test results, but had no symptoms at all. It was all made up hysteria. Montana has zero cases of flu this year. Is that possible?

No stacks of bodies, no full wards in the hospitals… Just fear. This was political. However, just wait until next year. These vaccines are very most likely going to kill many. Watch this all the way to the end, if it doesn’t get censored. This doctor is not a wacko. She speaks the truth. We need to be scared.