Fires… I tried to warn you…

The truth is finally hitting main stream media. I have been trying to warn people about this danger for years and I mostly get arguments. My home contains no Lithium battery powered tools. I recently bought an electric chain saw; one with a cord. It is powered from my flooded lead acid batteries charged by solar power. Maybe people had better start listening to us conspiracy theorists. We are not far right… We are right so far.

Even worse is the damage being done to our planet in this insane quest to kill oil. A home near me in Montana burned to the ground this past year when a lap top exploded and the home owner could not stop the fire. It spread to the forest and could have been horrific if the wind had been blowing. I only know because a law enforcement officer neighbor was called out on that fire. The cause of this fire was never reported on the major media owned news stations here. Ask yourself why.

Over the last few years, e-bikes have killed at least 11 people and injured at least 251 in New York City.  (FDNY)