Let me just say this. If your first thought is that this blog is political, you are not thinking. This is an attempt to get to the truth, just like I did with solar power. The CDC statistics for the total number of deaths in 2020 are available and comparisons to previous years show no % increase. There was no pandemic. What really happened is that the WHO and CDC redefined what a pandemic is and then labeled every death as COVID “related”. Then they redefined what a “case” is. It used to be somebody who has symptoms. Suddenly it became a person that they could generate a false positive test on with tests that show positive for any virus, not just COVID 19 and even if the person is well. I personally know people who had positive test results, but had no symptoms at all. It was all made up hysteria. Montana has zero cases of flu this year. Is that possible?

I do know there was some sort of virus and people close to us have been hospitalized, while my wife and I both had a sore throat for one day from whatever they had. The hospital protocols have been killing people. My closest neighbor was tested and sent home to die withoutt a single therapeutic. They told him “It’s a virus… You just need to get over it.” He ended up with pneumonia and did damn near die. He would not listen to us and only believes what he sees on the TV. It damn near killed him.

No stacks of bodies, no full wards in the hospitals… Just fear. This was political. However, just wait until next year. These vaccines are very most likely going to kill many. Watch this all the way to the end, if it doesn’t get censored. This doctor is not a wacko. She speaks the truth. We need to be scared.


COVID 19… The CHINESE virus, Take 2

The overwhelming response to my earlier post was positive.  Now I will address a couple of things people took issue with.  For the one idiot who just wouldn’t give up:  You have been blocked and I will no longer see your emails.  If you need solar help, go to the forum of your choice and believe everything they tell you.  I will no longer help you.

CHINESE Virus…  Why?  Because it came from there and not only that, China is the most dangerous enemy we have in the entire world.  The list of things they have done to us is LONG.  I’m not going to repeat them.  If you can’t use Google or preferably DuckDuckGo, I can’t help you.  It is my opinion that this virus was an intentional act.  (You might notice that I seldom use the word opinion because most of the things I say are facts that I have completely researched before I say them.  Some people can’t seem to understand this.)  They care nothing about their own people and taking down our economy or at the very least hurting Donald Trump was the goal.  We must bring our manufacturing back and to think that we can trust anything they make is insane.  The COVID 19 test kits have not been reliable.  (FACT)  Masks and respirators have failed tests and other countries have rejected them.  (FACTS)  China’s government is hell bent on destroying our economy.  I do have compassion for the Chinese people, but they will have to help themselves.

I am going to repeat this because my own life has been changed by alternative medicine, including NAET therapy:  A friend who used it to solve her allergy problems was told by her allergist that our Chiropractor and NAET Therapy specialist was a quack.  A direct quote of how she responded: “Tell me how it is that I stopped taking my allergy medications three weeks ago and I am well for the first time I can remember….”  (FACT)

Click this link for something you will not believe: Influenza Epidemic and Chiropractic Care

UPDATE APRIL 2021.  Montana kicked our democrat governor out by an overwhelming margin and our new Republican governor has lifted the mask mandate.  People are slowly returning to normal as health department Nazi’s who became accustomed to their new found power are fighting it.  Our small town is 99% mask free.  My 67 year old wife and 70 year old me are walking miracles.  We have refused to wear masks and have invited neighbors over all of this time, plus we pay cash for our groceries.  We smile and talk with like minded rebels and go “Baaaa ‘ at the the sheep.  The secret is that we did have COVID very early on and are convinced that we are immune.  The vaccines are going to kill millions.  There are MANY doctors warning of this.  I’ll just give you this one by a doctor over in Idaho.  Forward to about 20 minutes and listen very carefully to what he says about animals dying in previous MRNA vaccine trials.


COVID 19… The CHINESE virus…

Please share this with everybody you know.  I composed it for my Congressmen and want to somehow get it to our President.

I believe it is time for some common sense to be used. Some research will prove that as of March 29 over 250,000 people worldwide who were tested and found to have the virus have recovered, while less than a fifth of that number have died from it. We have to realize that many more people who had mild symptoms and recovered on their own were never tested and therefore are not in these statistics.  By the way, any guesses you see about the number of these are only guesses and not to be taken seriously.  I believe my wife and I who are both over 65 may be in that statistical group after fighting off a similar sounding disease around Christmas time.  I hope that an antibody test becomes readily available so I can prove this.  (later I realized that we cannot trust the tests.  I was tested for antibodies after getting the hepatitis vaccine and even though I had been exposed to a patient who had it, the test was negative.  I don’t trust them.)

We stayed at home for Christmas, canceling a holiday with my wife’s elderly mother so we would not spread it to her and the residents of her retirement home.  Nobody needed to tell us to do what simply made sense. Yes it is serious, but compared to the seasonal flu it is no worse and may even be less dangerous. Why are we panicking? This about a lot more than a virus. It is a world wide attempt to destroy our world and that is not just a conspiracy theory. Ask yourself who stands to gain from us shutting our economy down.  War may be next.  Let’s prevent that.

It is time to stop the hysteria and get our country back on the road to recovery. We should continue the new social distancing practice that those of us with common sense have already been doing every flu season. We also need to work to protect the more susceptible such as residents of retirement homes, but to be paranoid about working and going out in public is not warranted. Ask yourself if your local USPS, UPS and FedEx drivers have died. Are the trucks running and is food getting to the stores? We are being manipulated into this panic and it has to stop.

The overwhelming response I am getting from this is positive.  To those of you who want links, find them for yourself.   I have found that truth seldom lasts nowadays on the internet, so any links I put up will most likely not work for long.  Just recently a story about heat killing viruses was taken down in only two days, yet it is true and the death rate in Finland where sauna is a way of life is extremely low, something like .0014% of confirmed cases.  Why would this be taken down?  The claim was that it could get people killed.  My theory is that it will hurt the medical and pharma industries and some will take this to mean that I am a conspiracy believer.  There are several live web sites reporting a running total of cases, deaths and recoveries, but you will NOT find the likes of our media reporting them.  Our media has mostly turned into enemies of the state.

This is a very old link that may just survive.  My chiropractor told me.  Most will not believe it, but I do from personal experience:

1918 Influenza Epidemic and Chiropractic Care

Welcome to HandyBob Solar

If you are new to this,  I recommend starting with the “About our Boondocking Life” page to see how this all started. I am not a “blogger” who constantly posts. This blog is intended to educate, not to be used as a discussion forum.  Simply put; if you post questions here they will not be answered.  Last, if you feel that I have helped you to save your money, take a look at my page: The Money Question.  Please read my FAQ’s and look at my most recently dated pages before contacting me.  There is where I will post the latest things. Tapping the circle to the left will open the comments that have been left if you are interested.

The following are links to places I recommend that you look for more information.  Insert the usual warning here.  You must temper everything you find with common sense.  There is both good and bad everywhere you look and I cannot keep up with everything anybody else says.  My opinions follow.  Some may not agree, but I speak from experience, not what somebody else told me.  If a link doesn’t work try copying & pasting the link into your browser or just do a Google search.  These things are finicky.  I DO NOT APPROVE ANY ADVERTISING THAT GOOGLE ATTACHES TO THIS BLOG.  THEY WANT $30 PER YEAR TO BLOCK ADS.

Here is a direct link to the solar portion of a very well written blob about living off grid and being prepared.  These folks are amazing and did the best job of breaking this down for the average person that I have ever seen.


Here is a sailing guy who did an excellent job of explaining how batteries work.  His last comment about Lithium is wrong and he admits that now.  Kelly’s Blog..A friend / former customer who also does not own a generator.  An interesting blog about off grid RV life by another friend / former customer.  Some good solar & RV info from the big rig side of the RV life.  Look here if you are made of money.  Some of the info here is not correct and we do not agree on everything.  It is up to you to think.  Manufacturer of the Trimetric, the only battery monitor to buy.  The best alternative energy inverter manufacturer and located here in the US.  (Added 2020:  Sensata  has done exactly what I was afraid of and moved Magnum production to Mexico.  I am very worried that I did not buy a spare inverter before they did it.  I don’t know where to turn.)  The manufacturer of the widest variety and the best inexpensive charge controllers on the planet.  A company that is dedicated to making things that actually work.  Very unusual today.  (No cooling fans needed!  Absolutely silent.)  I believe these to be the best after buying them for two off grid homes and installing in several RV’s  These people have the alternative energy market in their sights.  Look at the latest catalog.  Look to Crown for AGM’s made in the USA.  They added a new production line and hired 25 new people to run it.  Probably the best AGM’s you can buy today.  These folks have a catalog available that has a LOT of good information in it.  Their web site also has a learning center with a lot of valuable information and battery diagrams.  Great service & friendly advice.  (I am adding this comment in 2015…  After having some very unsatisfactory dealings with other suppliers I need to say that buying for the lowest price is fine if you know what you are doing, but if you believe the advice you get at nearly every other dealer you are risking failure.  I won’t list their names here, but be very, very careful.)  Even here you need to balance what you are told with what the profit motive might be in selling you the latest MPPT controller that doesn’t work as promised.  (My MidNite page explains why I added this comment in April of 2015.)  Highest price does not guarantee highest quality.  Sometimes it is very surprising that exactly the opposite can be true.  Finally, somebody who did a nice installation and good guide for a reasonable system using the Trimetric 2030 controller and meter pair.  This is worth a look.

IF YOU WANT TO ASK QUESTIONS, THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO DO SO.  You can email me after you have read the RV Battery Charging Puzzle, where my email address is included.

THIS IS THE SHOP OF ONE SOLAR GUY WHO CAN BE TRUSTED.  (This is an old picture.  Look at newer pages for newer info.) This little system powers construction tools, heat shrink gun, you name it. The batteries in that shed were 10 years old when the photo was taken and have since been retired.  They were charged daily at 14.8V with temperature regulation just like Trojan recommends.  The batteries in there now are six year old T105’s that were free. Most of you are probably looking for the “RV Battery Charging Puzzle”.  This is also good basic education for anyone who wants to go off grid in a cabin or small home.  My email address is shown there, but please don’t contact me with questions unless you have read the Puzzle.  You don’t have to read my rants under “The History”, but it explains how I ended up where I am today and gives some examples of recent solar system evaluations that demonstrate very well just how little has changed.  There are now a couple of RV Solar dealers doing working systems but  I will not recommend anybody yet.  Both of those companies will sell you nothing but MPPT, even when it does not make monetary sense on small RV systems.  MPPT does make sense on large systems only when you spend enough to get something like a Morningstar Tristar MPPT controller.   These dealers’ advertising make it very clear that they are not “low budget” installers. Many people think that when they see advertising that shows huge over built systems on the roofs of RV’s they are seeing proof that the company knows what they are doing. I believe that it proves just the opposite and that it is a bold statement about their real mission statement (to generate as much profit as they can).  You also need to think about the power line that goes into the building.  If they knew how to make solar power work, there would be a modestly sized solar array powering that building.  They buy solar panels cheaper than you can and the same tax break is available to them.  There is one guy in Quartzsite who put grid tied solar on his building, but that does not show that he knows how to charge batteries.  He does not.  The statement about having to add water every other day if you follow Trojan’s voltage recommendation came from that place.  His actions speak louder than words to me.  I met a new dealer in 2011 who lives off grid and yet he sells junk flush mount RV charge controllers at his booth.  Again proving that he either doesn’t know or doesn’t care. Many of the dealers also still tend to fall down on the job on things that I find unforgivable, like the missing wiring protection on one system that I reported on, the constant overloading of controllers, the continuing refusal to install big enough wiring for MPPT to really have a chance at working and the denial of how important temperature compensation is.  I’ll post it here first if this ever changes.  You should note that Morningstar believes so much in the value of temperature compensation that it is included at no extra cost on all of their small RV controllers.   They also include the remote temperature probe in  the box when you buy their new Tristar MPPT controller. I constantly see people attributing statements to me that I never made. For instance, I have never said that nobody needs a generator and I never told people to sell their generator.  I did say that WE don’t need one. Our back-up charger is our noisy Ford 7.3L truck & booster cables. It has only been used four times in over six years and one of those times was because of a failed solar panel.  In 2014 we bought a used generator out of an RV, but it may take years to get it running.  I filled the cylinder with oil and put it in storage.